It’s Happening!

Seats At The Table is finally launching! It’s been a long time coming, and though I’ve only been working on the physical podcast for about half a year, the idea to create media that speaks more honestly to the stories of immigrant & activist womxn and girls has been something I’ve wanted for much, much longer.

The more interviews I do with the womxn who you’ll meet via this podcast in the coming weeks and months, the more I understand the importance of being represented.  Every conversation with guests, even the ones not recorded and only spoken to coordinate conversation points, have given me more clarity and perspective on what being an activist, being an immigrant, and being a womxn in our world means.

I am so glad to be releasing this into the world, and I am grateful for you joining me.

The first session will be publicly released today (4/12/17) at 6:30PM PST on the Seats At The Table Soundcloud.  Subsequent sessions will be released every other Wednesday (in honor of #WOCwednesday — “womxn of color Wednesday”) on Soundcloud and on iTunes.