Season 1, Episode 2: The One About Being An Asian American Feminist w/ Irene Hong

In the second session of Seats At The Table, Christina gabs with Irene Hong, a law and social policy student at U Penn about being a feminist as an Asian American womxn, anti-Blackness in AAPI communities, and the importance of role models.

Listen to the session here.

Get to know the guest:

irene hong graphic

She is both voice and reason (at least a reasonable amount of the time). She is heart and soul and mind and thought – she is dynamite activism in a bite sized Asian, but don’t you assume that she don’t have teeth to bite back. Because she does, and she will, armored to the teeth in well-informed memes, she’ll bring Sriracha-dipped-politics to every single party (not that modern politics need more spice). She is an open-mind and sunny-side smile, and always willing to listen to the world turn, always willing to learn, willing to smoke a cig and watch the sky burn.

She is sister, friend, and daughter, and will drink soju with you to reality TV, no matter what time of night might be.

And really, in a world like this, what else do you need?

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Irene Hong

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