Season 1, Episode 6: The One About Global Health & Increasing Access w/ Shengxiao Yu

In the sixth session of SATT, Christina pulls up a seat for Shengxiao Yu.  Shengxiao shares insights about global health & international development, her immigration story, and Eastern Asian representation in popular media.

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Get to know the guest:

SATT Shengxiao Graphic

About Shengxiao:

Known to different people by different names, Shengxiao, also known as “Sunshine” and “Sole,” has traversed the globe in pursuit of true understanding of global inequity and the common threads that connect humanity.

Fluent in Mandarin, English, and Spanish, Shengxiao’s life has been characterized by the languages she’s absorbed through her immersion in different cultures, and the people whose stories she nestles in her heart along the way. Shengxiao currently serves as the Director of Partnerships at GlobeMed, an organization that seeks to transform the global health system by training young people to build relationships and engage in fruitful collaborations with community leaders.

In her free time, Shengxiao looks at the world from upside down (literally) as she carves her six-pack doing aerial silks. She also enjoys photography, traveling for both work and pleasure, as well as nourishing conversations. You can take a peek into the profound conversations she has with fellow movement-builders by following her blog This Journey is Ours.

Special thanks to:
Shengxiao Yu & This Journey is Ours

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