Season 1, Episode 8: The One About Mental Health and Harassment w/ Janet Chang

In the eighth session of Seats At The Table, Christina chats with Janet Chang, a San Francisco-based technology entrepreneur turned personal performance coach for socially conscious entrepreneurs. Janet & Christina talk about mental health, depression, and harassment in the workplace.  

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Get to know the guest:

SATT Janet Graphic

Janet Chang is a technology entrepreneur turned personal performance coach for socially conscious entrepreneurs. During her foray into technology, she served as Interim CEO for serial entrepreneur and public figure Derek Sivers, the Amazon bestselling author of China Startup Guide, and marketing and technology consultant to both SMBs and the Fortune 500. Her research in women’s hormone health and healing from PTSD, depression, and anxiety has been featured by Stanford University, UCLA, The New Scientist, Daily Mail UK, and Marie Claire. Janet is also a passionate supporter of the LGBTQ community, workplace harassment protection, and holistic mental health advocacy.

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