Introducing Season 3: Femifesting Futures

It’s 2020. Fall. The world is burning. 


Wildfires consumed Australia in January, and many parts of the United States’ west coast are still engulfed in flames.

Access to affordable healthcare is at risk. Bodily autonomy is at risk. The lives of Black people are at risk. Racism and xenophobia are on the rise.

Millions around the world are dead from COVID-19 with no end in sight. 

While many of us are within reach via Zoom, text, email, and other information communication technologies, most of us feel worlds away. 

It seems like we’re all one sentence away from tears or screaming matches. Everything is political and everything is polarized.

In such a world, what can we do? How do we stop feeling hopeless and move into feeling hopeful? What will it take for us to envision, not a return to “normalcy,” but a new normal– a better normal?

This season, join host christina ong as she explores what it will take for us to collectively femifest a new world and a better future that ensures we can all thrive.